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Camp dvor

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About our camp!

Our love for horseback riding, adventurous way of life and spending time in beautiful untouched nature of southern Istria brought the idea of creating an unique and diverse camping site. Camp Dvor is just a starting point of the story - a place where you can get in close touch with wilderness and feel adventurous - and hungry for more - every day! No matter whether you are an animal lover, a devoted adventurer or just a person who enjoys nature’s beauty, this sweet spot is a perfect hideout from everyday’s life rush.

Get away from the burdens of fast-forwarded life. Take a moment to distance yourself from advanced technologies. Give your eyes, ears and mind some time to reset and reload. Re-activate your body through various challenging activities in natural surrounding. Visit Camp Dvor and unveil your wild, free and unconstrained side.

Camp Dvor camping and picknicks

Camping and picnicks in the forest

Enjoy a meal in deep shade under sky-high centennial pine trees - or just take a break enjoying moments of silence and scents of freshness

Camp Dvor apartment


Apartman 'Dvor' consists of a kitchen equipped with kitchen utensils, dining room, bathroom with shower and washing machine, two bedrooms with double beds, the apartment is equipped with air conditioning. In front of the apartment, there is an open garden, private parking, swimming pool.

Camp Dvor

Our pool

A getaway in nature can be a beautiful relaxation - however, during warm summer days the true refreshment is unimaginable without a nice swim in crystal clear water.

A modern swimming pool right inside the campsite - sounds great, feels even better!

Camp Dvor

Sanitary facilities

In Camp Dvor you will be provided with large sanitary facilities with showers, toilets and sink for washing dishes.

Camp dvor

Gastro evenings

For our guests, we organize three different gastronomy events every week. During your stay, we prepare Barbecue Night, Sea Shell Night and Fish Grill Night. On other days, there is always a recommendation of a good nearby restaurant.

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Camp dvor

Cinema evening

There is something very special, unique and romantic in watching movies under the starry sky. For you, we organize open-air cinema, with movie screenings several nights a week. Check the schedule at our reception!